Small Business Roundtable Consultations – Results

Engagement Summary

The permanent Small Business Roundtable was established in 2005 in recognition of the small business community’s significant contribution to British Columbia’s economy, and to engage with small business owners in identifying the key issues and opportunities facing small businesses in British Columbia. Through these ongoing consultations, the Small Business Roundtable develops recommendations to government and the small business community on an annual basis, which are aimed at enhancing small business growth and success.

Input Received:

Since November 2005, the Roundtable has held 56 consultations in all regions of the province, with nearly 1,100 participants. Summaries of the key issues and opportunities raised during each consultation are available on their website. For 2016, regional small business consultations were held in Coquitlam, Nanaimo and Kelowna, and reached over 100 participants. The findings from these consultations will help inform the recommendations in the Roundtable’s 11th Annual Report, and identify key initiatives to support the small business sector.



Input leads to action:

As a part of the 11thAnnual Report to Government the ‘Small Business is Big Business‘ infographic highlights key stats, facts and resources that demonstrate the importance of supporting small business growth and success in British Columbia. The report details what the Roundtable heard, which priorities to action, and provides recommendations to government and small businesses to support the growth and success of the small business sector.
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