Standing Offer Program – Results

Engagement Summary

The BC Hydro Standing Offer Program (SOP) has been indefinitely suspended. The SOP was launched in 2008 to provide independent power producers an opportunity to develop small-scale renewable energy projects. However, BC Hydro has a surplus supply of electricity which is expected to continue into the 2030s. The surplus means there is no need for new electricity supplies for the foreseeable future. Suspending the SOP will reduce BC Hydro’s energy costs and take pressure off rates for all British Columbians.

Many Indigenous Nations in British Columbia have expressed interest in developing or partnering on clean energy projects under the SOP. The Province remains committed to reconciliation with Indigenous Nations.

The purpose of this engagement process was to understand how the suspension of the SOP may affect the economic interests of individual Indigenous Nations, and to explore alternate opportunities to meet those interests.


Engagement Timeframe

February 14, 2019 to June 20, 2020

Input Received
  • 711 visits to the website
  • More than 40 Indigenous Nations and organizations provided comments and information


Input leads to action:

The comments and the information received informed further engagement between the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and individual Indigenous Nations and organizations, and work under the Indigenous Opportunities stream of Phase 2 of the BC Hydro Review to consider:

  • Future opportunities or new roles for Indigenous Nations in the development, ownership, or operation of electrical infrastructure or services.
  • Recommendations on how to enhance Indigenous Nations’ participation in the energy sector.
  • How BC Hydro currently works with communities, and alternatives going forward.