Veteran’s Licence Plates – Results

Engagement Summary

Beginning in 2004, military veterans have been eligible to apply for a special Veteran Licence Plate (VLP) to recognize and honour their service. Since the program’s inception, Government has received requests to expand the eligibility criteria to allow for other groups of drivers to be able to receive a VLP.
Most recently, the Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Veterans’ Association and others have requested the Province and ICBC consider making the plates available to police officers – specifically RCMP members.
This engagement sought feedback from British Columbians about whether they think the existing criteria for the VLP program should be changed to include police officers, or whether it should remain the same.

Engagement Timeframe

July 23 to September 4, 2018

Input Received
  • 4,386 completed surveys were received.
Input leads to action:

Your feedback through the online survey has helped government better understand where British Columbians stand on this issue. The results have been compiled and can be found in the Veteran’s Licence Plate What We Heard Report.