Veterinarians Act – Results

Engagement Summary

The purpose of the consultation was to solicit ideas for improving and modernizing the Veterinarians Act, particularly regarding the role, duties and restructuring of the British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association.
The Act provides a legislative framework for those practicing veterinary medicine in the province to regulate their qualifications, standards of conduct and practice, and conduct investigations and disciplinary proceedings when required. It also ensures that the processes for registration of veterinarians, acceptance and investigation of complaints, disciplinary processes, and bylaw and regulation-making power, are consistent with legislation covering other self-governing professionals. Provincial legislation regarding the veterinary medical profession protects the public interest by ensuring the regulation of the safe and competent practice of veterinary medicine within British Columbia.


November 2 – December 2, 2009

Input Received:

A total of 583 submissions and one petition were received.

Input leads to action:

The new legislation renamed the British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association as the College of Veterinarians of
British Columbia
and enables:

  • Fair, transparent processes for registration, complaint resolution and discipline of veterinarians;
  • Public access to information on disciplinary outcomes through an online registry;
  • Additional government oversight of the college’s bylaws;
  • The ability to certify and regulate technicians, including animal health technologists;
  • The ability to exempt some alternative and complementary treatment activities from regulation by the college; and
  • Opportunities for more people from outside of the veterinary profession to serve on the council and
    committees of the college.

Read the release subsequent to the new Veterinarians Act passing in 2010