Wells Gray Recreation Strategy – Results

Engagement Summary

Wells Gray Provincial Park is one of the province’s most unique landscapes and premiere outdoor recreation and tourism destinations. Over the past decade, visitation has grown, community expectations have evolved, the regional economy has changed, and tourism is now booming. In collaboration with First Nations, park users, stakeholders, and local and regional governments, BC Parks is developing a recreation strategy for Wells Gray Provincial Park to begin planning the future of recreation and tourism in the park.


Engagement Timeframe

September 11, 2019 to October 31, 2019


Input Received
  • 806 online public surveys received
  • 476 online mapping ideas received
    • 183 “Parent” comments
    • 290 “Child” comments (comments made in response to parent comments)
    • 1404 “Agrees” with posted parent comments
    • 399 “Disagrees” with posted parent comments
  • 100 (approximately) open house attendees
  • 13 online stakeholder surveys received
  • 19 stakeholder interviews
  • 24 in-park intercept surveys received
  • 18 sounding board comments received


Input leads to action:

The collected information is being compiled, analyzed and considered in the development of a progressive Wells Gray Park Recreation Strategy 2020-2030 (the “Strategy”). The Strategy is intended to provide BC Parks with a clear long-term direction in Wells Gray Park with regards to the provision of clear priorities to guide BC Parks staff in the development of limited resources, facility development, facility re-development. removal and expansion, and the delivery of outdoor recreation services.

The Strategy document will be completed and available for viewing on the Wells Gray Park webpage by early summer 2020.