The experts:

  • Consider B.C.’s existing legislative framework and financial oversight:
    • Identify gaps in the B.C. legislation with respect to the impact of foreign investment and money-laundering in B.C. real estate
    • Review the compliance regime, with a focus on integrity of the system and public confidence
    • Evaluate work underway or completed by the provincial government that may address some of these systemic challenges
  • Review best practices adopted by other jurisdictions
  • Provide recommendations on:
    • Prevention of market manipulation and abuse
    • Monitoring and reporting on activities of real estate market and regulators
    • Aligning federal policy and enforcement with B.C.’s regime
    • Improving standards in financial services

In order to complete this review, the Expert Panel may meet with any individual or organization that will assist in addressing the areas of review.

The outcome the Province expects from the work of the Expert Panel is forward-looking next steps to ensuring a world-class standard in the oversight and compliance of anti-money laundering policy in general, with emphasis on real estate to restore public confidence.