How to Become a BC Parks Ranger

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

We understand becoming a BC Parks Ranger is on many people’s career wish lists. Opportunities to become a 2017 BC Parks Ranger have not been posted. Please watch BC Parks website, BC Parks blog or BC Parks social media channels for notification of when these posting is available. For more details on specific job qualifications to become a BC Parks Ranger please click the link below. As this is a open forum, we don’t advise putting your specific qualifications for becoming a ranger in the comment field.   

We often hear from BC Parks enthusiasts about their interest in becoming a BC Parks Ranger. We’re excited to announce that we are now collecting an inventory of interested people who would like to work as a seasonal BC Parks Ranger.

What does a BC Parks Ranger do?

Being a BC Parks Ranger is a very rewarding experience, especially if you love being outdoors and having positive impact on conservation and park visitor’s experiences.

As a BC Parks Ranger you are responsible for maintaining facilities, delivering, monitoring and reporting on assigned recreation, conservation and extension services and activities. You are also the field contact for park visitors and contractors, and are dedicated to protecting park visitors and resources, enforcing compliance with the Park Act and other statutes and rules.

Would you like more information on the requirements for becoming a BC Parks Ranger? Check out our Park Ranger Information page.

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70 responses to “How to Become a BC Parks Ranger

  1. Joseph

    Definitely interested, please tell me more.

    1. BCParks

      Hi Joseph! We’re happy you are interested. Being a ranger is a very rewarding opportunity. If you would like to apply, you can click the “Park Ranger” or “Senior Park Ranger” links above, in the ‘Interested? Apply now’ section. Thanks!

  2. doug

    Is BC Search and Rescue considered related experience?


    1. BCParks


  3. Ryan

    Sounds like the job for me! I love being out there enjoying nature! As young blood, I feel this is a perfect opportunity for me.

  4. Ryan

    Sounds like the job for me! I love being out there enjoying nature! As young blood, I feel this is a perfect opportunity for me.

  5. Heather

    I have a undergrad degree in education and have 8 years experience as a parks laborer for different municipalities. Would that be accepted?

  6. Ariel

    If I have not yet taken the BCIT Courses required, is it possible to still apply now? And if selected to be a Park Ranger would I then be able to complete the courses to meet the requirement before actually starting the work term? Thanks!

    1. BCParks

      Hi there, you don’t have to have completed the courses before you applied, but you will have had to completed the courses by May 1st.

      Hope this helps!

  7. Shawn

    I would love this job too much. I would never leave the Bush.
    Seasonal…. That’s the only draw back

  8. Peter

    I am a UK citizen and will be coming over to BC in Autumn/fall this year. I have a working holiday visa and I am hoping to gain experience that will one day lead me to become a parks ranger. I hope to work hard and one day become a full Canadian citizen.
    I would be very greatfull if you could you provide me with any information or advice as to how to gain experience that will help me become a parks ranger? I already hold a conservation degree and have a number of years experience working with animals in zoos and in the wild.
    I love Canada and its immense wild areas and although it’s a big dream I hope to make becoming a parks ranger a reality.
    Peter Garside

  9. Ana

    Hi all,

    I am super interested, Biologist with almost all requirements except the two courses from BCIT. Are they strictly mandatory? Could I apply and do the courses while working? They are very expensive.


    1. BCParks

      Hi there,

      Unfortunately in the Park Ranger Requirements Information it says this in regards to the courses: “If not already obtained, candidates must be enrolled in these courses at the time of applying and provide proof of completion prior to an employment offer being made”.

      You have until May 1st to complete the courses.

      Thanks for your interest

  10. Jennie

    When does this position start?

    1. BCParks

      Start date varies depending on the specific position, but the average start date is around May 1st.

  11. Veronika

    Is this a job that would require heavy lifting (30+lbs), or is there maybe some workaround if this is required? Thanks in advance!

    1. BCParks

      Hi, heavy lifting is often a part of the role, whether its carrying tools or equipment but isn’t necessarily a day-to-day requirement.

      1. Veronika

        So then, from my understanding, this would probably be out of the question if you can’t handle carrying over 30lbs for long lengths of time?

  12. Ky

    I wanted to ask how well and how completely the OREC program at Cap U satisfies the requirements for a Park Ranger position on it’s own?

    1. BCParks


  13. b.c.

    I wish I could do this but don’t have the schooling…. I practically live at the parks I live in a camper van and for the past 10 months have just been hopping around and being a bum living at trail heads ski touring, fishing, snowshoeing, hiking, climbing, camping, just enjoying life. I can’t go to school cause it takes up to much time and i have an addiction to skiing touring that would get in the way of my studies. Also wouldn’t change my lifestyle for 2 years of school, Id miss out on so much of my early 20s if I did that. I’ll probably be living this way for the next 4+ years or till my body can’t deal with it. Truly a dream job though…

    Is there any other jobs you have that don’t require so much schooling? Labour, cleaning up garbage, trail mantince whatever. Id love to work for you but yeah 2 years of school would kill my ability to get out 3+ days a week.

    Thanks love you guys and gals for all you do.

  14. Kai

    Hi there,
    I am working on my Archaeology degree at SFU.
    Just wondering if I will be qualified to apply for the position upon graduate.

  15. Joy

    I’m currently in my first year of a two year Forest and Natural Areas Management program. I have the other prerequisites but no experience in the field yet. Will there still be positions open next summer when I graduate with a diploma?
    Thank you!

  16. NIca

    I am wondering if related experience may be 7 years Sports Marketing?? I am also an avid mountain biker, hiker and trail runner…
    And one more question, I start full time school in September, would this job still be suitable for that timeframe?? I imagine less rangers may be needed as the weather changes. This would definitely be an amazing opportunity!

    1. BCParks

      Hi, sports marketing wouldn’t be considered directly related experience but your other experience would be considered. As for September end dates, some positions only go as late as labour day weekend, this is something that could be negotiated at time of hire.

  17. Vanessa

    I always wanted to be. Fisheries tech. Environmental is in my blood

  18. Dan

    Here is a quick summary of what I would bring to the table. Would this cover any prerequisites?

    Certifications and courses taken:
    Red seal electrician (BCIT)
    Graduate of COLT (Canadian Outdoor Leadership Training program through Strathcona Park Lodge)
    Sea Kayak Guide + instructor
    Canoe Instructor
    Swift water Rescue training (srt1)
    Technical rope rescue training (trr-t)
    90hr wilderness first aid
    Avalanche Operations level 1
    CAA Mountain weather
    Marine radio operators license
    pleasure craft licence
    Class 5 Drivers licence
    Advanced Open Water Scuba licence

    Outdoor passions:
    Avid back country enthusiast
    Ski touring, Splitboarding
    alpine climbing
    Sea Kayaking

    1. BCParks

      From what you have provided, it looks like you would meet the min requirements, with the exception of the BCIT courses.

  19. Owen

    I am a 1st year student at UVic studying Geography and Earth and Ocean Sciences, I have 2 years experience working In Parks and Rec in my City however I have no other experience and have not taken the required courses at BCIT. Is there any volunteering programs or Shadowing of current park rangers available?

  20. Evan

    I too am interested in applying. Please let me know if I have the minimum requirements to apply.

    BSC Wildlife Biology
    Diploma in Environmental Technology
    6 coop terms and other related work with MOE, MOF, BCCF, Institute of Wildlife Studies, Arcata California, Ogopogo Environmental and Engineering and Ducks Unlimited and the Invasive Species Council of BC. Ample experience with invasive and endangered species. Have valid electro-fishing certificate.

    Thank you for your time in replying.

  21. Ryan

    I have read the requirements link and I believe I am qualified. I have a university degree in ecology and 18 years experience in natural resource conservation, including as director of a community based nature reserve in West Africa for most of that time. 2 questions: What does “seasonal” mean, exactly? Does my nationality play a role? (I am not a Canadian citizen.) Thanks!

    1. BCParks

      Thank you for your interest in the park ranger position, but the position is now closed and no longer accepting applications for this year.

  22. Ruth

    I’m wondering if seasonal also means there are winter positions available (sept-March) ?

  23. Ruth

    I’m wondering if seasonal also means winter positions (oct-mar)?

  24. Rachelle

    I was just wondering if you had any idea when applications for summer 2017 would start/close?


  25. Rich

    Wondering if Wilderness First Aid would be accepted or is mandatory to have OFA instead? Seems Wilderness would be more applicable to this position… Also, I presume positions will be opening up for the 2017 season, will the min. requirements be the same as for 2016 or are there additional requirements anticipated?

    1. Angelica

      I just did the wilderness first aid course this Nov in Nanaimo BC. Have you heard anything yet in regards to your post ?

  26. Catherine

    When will it be possible to apply for next summer ? The “apply now” link doesn’t work anymore.

  27. Catherine

    When will it be possible to apply for next summer ?

  28. Donna

    I would like more information on becoming a BC Parks Ranger please. Thank you. 🙂

  29. Sean

    I want to become a ranger for sure. I could do trail work or fire watch of scold teenagers for making a mess. All good things. What do I have to do?

  30. Jon

    Interested in what schools in bc these 2 courses are available

  31. lyndamae

    yes i would like more information please.. i live close to allison lake provincial park and i would like to know more about the contract for there. i have worked for parks canada in glacier mountain rogers pass… and for miquelon lake provincial parks in alberta, and the city of white rock parks department.
    thank you,

    lyndamae ooms

  32. Darcy

    Love to be

  33. Candace

    Is there any opportunity for working with BC Parks for the fall/winter/spring months? I am committed to a seasonal summer job.

  34. Megan

    I’d be interested in learning more about becoming BC Parks Ranger.

  35. Erik

    Just wondering when B.C. parks will open the competition for the 2017 season ?

  36. Matthew

    I’m very interested in the position I love the outdoors and am looking to get into a new career .

  37. David

    Very interested, love the outdoors. I would be a perfect candidate

  38. DON

    Interested…more information please..worked the outdoors most of my life.

  39. Jessica


  40. Trevor

    Im very interested! Please more information on how to get started

  41. Ashley

    Hello, I’m a 2nd year resource management officer technology student. I am interested in being added to your list of potential applicants for a park ranger position. Thank you!

  42. Liam

    im intersted, i love being outdoors and being active

  43. Susan

    This is definitely the job I’ve been looking for! I would love to become a park ranger. I love the outdoors, wildlife and beauty our parks have to offer. I’m very familiar with Yoho, Banff and Jasper National Park area’s and have spent time working as a Traffic Control Person in the parks as well as camping in several park camp grounds, hiking and visiting several area’s within the Park’s. I’m very outgoing and very good with people. I would appreciate and respect the golden opportunity of becoming a park ranger.

  44. Geri

    I had an amazing road trip to Northern BC last year; A solo trip with my golden retriever, Vista … from Victoria to Whitehorse. As a result of such positive experiences in BC Parks, I am interested in spending more time in these regions. I am open to acting as a seasonal Park Ranger in Northern regions, including North Coast, North East , Caribou and Thompson/Okanagan

  45. Rod

    We love camping, so would be very interested in becoming park rangers for the summer season anywhere in B.C.

  46. Dwayne

    Do we get any choice as to the park(s) we’d like to work at?

  47. Kim

    I am interested in what is required to become a BC Parks Ranger

  48. Nel

    Hi! I’m interested in Becoming BC Park Ranger but I still need to take the BCIT courses. I wonder if you still need a lot of Park rangers this year? or is the position already filled up? I am willing to take the courses if I still have a chance to get the job.

  49. Darren

    Hello there, I’m intested in the role/roles related to park ranger and park related environment. Wondering if summer of 2017 BC parks is looking to hire up and where one can be pointed in the right direction thanks

  50. Susan

    Very interested in becoming a Park Ranger..I live in Radium B.C. Please send me more info. Thanks

  51. Tom

    Hey BC Parks,

    I am very interested in applying for a job as a park ranger this summer (2017). Hpw would I go about do so?

    Tomas Smyth

  52. Angelica

    Hello there!
    I have currently completed the BCIT parks courses required and finished my Criminology diploma. I spend 3+ days in the backcountry every week and can’t get enough. I have met many park operators throughout the years.
    I have been looking into job opportunities with BC Parks however, I have haven’t found the method to submit my application for the actual park ranger position. Can you please help me understand how to apply or provide me with any information in that regard?

    There is no “apply now” button on this page

    Do I have to wait for a park ranger position to open/show on this site?