Volunteer Contributions at Golden Ears Park

We would like to thank a small but enthusiastic group of volunteers, along with our dedicated BC Parks Rangers Cathy Ross and Stephanie Blue, who recently took a trip to the Panorama Ridge in Golden Ears Park to fly in a park amenity, fly out some trash, dismantle some fire rings and complete some trail improvements along the way.

The Golden Ears Trail is a popular hiking trail among park users with visitation increasing over the past few years. Earlier this summer, volunteers assisted our Park Rangers with some trail work, emergency shelter maintenance as well as marked a section of the trail along Panorama Ridge to the Emergency Shelter. Take a look at this article for a more detailed account of this project from one of the volunteers:


We continue to appreciate all the effort and support from our volunteers. These projects and improvements make big contributions to the management and preservation of our park system. Visitors to the Golden Ears Trail can now enjoy and appreciate the new, clear markings on the trail along Panorama Ridge.

Golden Ears - Outhouse Flight Golden Ears - Outhouse Flight2

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2 responses to “Volunteer Contributions at Golden Ears Park

  1. Mike

    Just a silly question but will this porta potty be flown in and out when filled? no large pit below it.

    Great job on all the work!

    1. BC

      Thanks for your question.
      Depending on the availability of a helicopter, the porta potty will be flown out at the end of September. In an effort to protect the alpine environment up on Panorama Ridge, we have been providing this facility up there during the summer months.