Beach Clean Up at Cape Scott

Although many of our volunteer projects are multi-day projects involving significant planning and coordination of people and resources, other times volunteer contributions can be as simple and spontaneous as a walk through the park. We recently received an inspiring story from a couple of park visitors who spend some time camping at the beautiful Cape Scott Park located at the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island.

“As a youth I grew up as a Venturer Scout and was awarded The Queens Scout award in 1991.  Part of this was community service Cape Scott cleanupand also environmental service.  We always tried to leave any campsite in better shape than when we found it and it’s ethos that’s still very present for me today as it was then.

We were trying out our new blow up paddle boards on a multi-day trip to see if they are usable instead of kayaks.  We didn’t make our goal of Lowrie Bay on the first day so we ended up camping at this beach just short of Sea Otter Cove instead. The following day we made it to Lowrie Bay to find a crew of volunteers cleaning up ocean waste on the beach there.  Being inspired by the other crews and with all the time in the world we figured it would be worthwhile to do something.  It sure made us feel empowered and the bears, sea lions and seals that visited us at that beach will appreciate it too.”

Our volunteers vary from organized groups with longstanding connections to BC Parks, to park visitors inspired by the natural beauty of our BC Parks; all of our volunteers have a common goal of protecting, preserving and/or improving our special places and park system. If you are interested in getting involved with a volunteer group and/or project, check out our Volunteer Partners website for a list of our volunteer partners:


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