Chilliwack Lake Park Trail Improvements

Late September 2015, BC Parks contributed to a trail enhancement project within Chilliwack Lake Park with funding made available through the BC Parks’ Park Enhancement Fund (PEF). This project was part of a larger effort to enhance the Chilliwack River Valley to improve visitor experience.

Here are some thoughts on the project from BC Parks Area Supervisor, Rob Wilson:

Boardwalk 1
Boardwalk located near the mid-point of the Lindeman-Greendrop Trail, just past Lindeman Lake enroute to Greendrop.

“I’d like to recognize the contributors to this project. Projects like these are typically driven by a few passionate individuals, who really take the reins and support others to achieve an end goal. BC Parks was just a small part of this larger project; a project that is going to enhance the Chilliwack River Valley, making it easier for visitors to find the trailheads and embark on their adventures. Once on our shared trail network, hopefully our experienced users will notice the many enhancements that have occurred recently. The Fraser Valley has some amazing recreational opportunities, and I’d like to encourage everyone to come visit the Chilliwack River Valley and enjoy all that it has to offer!”

Projects like this that invoBoardwalk 2blve grassroots community efforts, engage multiple levels of government and leverage funding from a variety of sources are what the PEF funds are all about. It was great that PEF funding enabled BC Parks to engage in this multifaceted, community-driven project!

For further information regarding this project, check out the Tourism Chilliwack press release here:


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