Tour Operators Booking Campsites in BC Parks

There has been some recent media regarding the ability for commercial operators, specifically Recreational Vehicle (RV) rental companies, booking BC Parks camping sites on the Discover Camping Reservation system. BC Parks has always been aware that RV companies have booked reservations for their clients. Commercial operators do not receive preferential treatment to reserve campsites and are not allowed to book blocks of sites. All park users (including commercial operators) have to follow our policies and procedures when booking reservations.

In 2015, the total number of reservations made by commercial operators is believed to be less than half of one percent of the total reservations made.

BC Parks takes allegations of unfair camping reservation practices by tour companies very seriously, at this time, we do not believe this is a common practice but take this possibility very seriously. BC Parks has launched an investigation to gather the facts about this matter.

UPDATE: Minister Polak addresses Discover Camping reservation service. Read the full article here:

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5 responses to “Tour Operators Booking Campsites in BC Parks

  1. Susan

    My family loves camping and traveling, what we don’t like is making reservation while traveling. We just end up somewhere and if you don’t plan ahead as we never do, it can be hard to find a campsite. Do most provincial campgrounds have just drop in or do we need to start making reservations always?

    1. BCParks

      Hi there – 50% of BC Parks campsites are still available for first come first served. Please visit the website to learn more about the desired park you wish to visit to learn if there are first come first served options available.

      1. sam

        If first come first serve available, what time should be there? Should I line up until open it? I know check out time is around 11:00 to 12:00 so Should I line up until check out time? Thanks

      2. Kim

        While 50% is better than nothing, it would be way better if ALL campgrounds had at least 20% first come first serve sites. Gordon Bay at Cowichan Lake has only 4 sites of 122 designated as first come first serve.

    2. Kim

      In the peak season at popular campsites, the odds of getting a spot without a reservation is very low. I don’t camp in the peak season anymore because of the reservation system.