GO Grants turn parks into classrooms

Jerry the Moose says hi to students on a GO Grants field trip.
Jerry the Moose interacts with students on a GO Grants-funded field trip. Photo courtesy of BC Parks.

Did you know the benefits of outdoor play for children are dramatic and long lasting? Studies have shown that access to nature improves brain activity, increases self-confidence and self-esteem, and promotes physical activity and skill building—all crucial components of early childhood development

This is just one of the reasons why BC Parks has partnered with the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF). Through their program, GO Grants, BC Parks is helping get students into parks and protected areas. GO Grants allow students to participate in hands-on learning about the natural environment through field trips and outdoor learning opportunities.

Students on a field trip to BC Parks through the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation's program, GO Grants.
Photos courtesy of Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.

The program covers the cost of transportation, project materials and/or program fees to support student learning in nature. Through this exciting new collaboration, BC Parks contributed over $30,000 in funding, and as a result, HCTF was able to approve a much higher number of proposals compared to previous years. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce children and youth to our amazing parks and protected areas! Congratulations to the recipients, and happy learning!

For more information about GO Grants, click here. For more information about BC Parks’ Community Engagement projects, click here. 









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