Become a citizen scientist today!

With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to get outside and explore the nature surrounding us. BC Parks’ iNaturalist (iNat) project has over 300,000 observations! In 2020, the project collected 53% of the total observations since the launch in January 2019.  In addition to increasing the number of observations in parks, we are looking to broaden our taxonomic diversity by adding to almost 7,000 species which have been recorded to date. The iNat community is growing everyday and continues to collect valuable open-access biodiversity data. Citizen scientists can enjoy learning about biodiversity in their communities by uploading observations and receiving feedback on their identifications, while researchers can access data which is being collected continuously across the province. Win-win!

When you go out “iNatting”, remember to follow park guidelines to ensure minimal disruption and damage to the flora and fauna.  Although we love having everyone out in our parks and learning about the wildlife, visitor safety is our priority while protecting the environment. While you’re outside, remember to stay on the trails. Taking shortcuts and going off the path can impact sensitive growth and affect erosion patterns.

Remember to share the trail, especially during a pandemic, you will want to keep your distance from wildlife and other people to ensure everyone’s safety. For more information on how to stay safe during your outdoor adventure, check out our Visitor Safety page.

Get outside, have fun, and remember to download the iNaturalist app before you head out and tag @bcnaturechallenge on Instagram to share your observations!

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