Responsible Recreation: Fido can’t always be free

 Why dog-leashing rules are important, for you and your pup.

Dogs are part of our families and it’s completely normal to include them on a day hike or a family camping trip. However, it is important to remember to keep your dog on a leash while visiting BC Parks. Leashing your dog protects you, them, and the wildlife in our parks. We have some guidelines for you to follow if you choose to bring your pets out on your adventure. Keep in mind that dogs and other domestic animals are not permitted in the backcountry in: Bowron Lake Park Canoe Circuit, Bugaboo Park, Cathedral Park, Garibaldi Park, Joffre Lakes Park, Kokanee Glacier Park and Monashee Park. Portions of the backcountry in other parks may also not permit dogs. Check the specific park webpage that you plan on visiting before you depart.

Remember the B.A.R.K principle:

Bag your pet’s waste

No one likes to step in a fresh, warm pile of dog waste. Not only will that ruin someone’s day but also their shoes and probably the carpets in their car too. Your pup belongs to you, and therefore it’s your responsibility to clean up after your pup. Dog poop left behind can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases.

Always leash your pet

Keep your dog on a leash during your hike and at your campsite. This prevents your dog from stealing a toddler’s hamburger out of their hand. Also, this keeps your dog safe as there may be larger (and hungry!) animals in the wild. Try not to leave your dog unattended just in case they find a way to escape and wander off away from you. Remember that not everyone is a dog lover like yourself and they might want to keep a distance from your furry friend. Big or small, leash ‘em all!

Respect wildlife

It is important to stay on the trails to avoid any conflict with other wildlife. You wouldn’t want your pet to attract a bear back to your campsite. Although your pup may be fast enough to catch some smaller critters like birds and squirrels, we ask that you don’t let them chase the smaller animals. Some of our parks have sensitive flora and fauna and it’s important to stay on trail to prevent damage to the ecosystem.

Know where you can go

 Pets are not allowed in public buildings. This includes washrooms, showers, playgrounds, beach and picnic areas. Many of our parks are big, so feel free to explore the other areas that are pet-friendly!

Follow your campground’s pet policy and learn about their off-leash and on-leash areas. For more information about pets in our parks, check out our website:





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