Take Me Outside Day 2021


Get ready for Take Me Outside Day on October 20, 2021! Bring your positive attitude, remember that a rain jacket, and a warm pair of shoes. This event is for K-12 students, teachers, and parents to encourage outdoor education and promote the wonders nature has to offer. Sign up here! Get a break from the regular style of classroom activities to explore beautiful BC Parks in an inclusive and safe manner. Take Me Outside Day supports outdoor education and being a respectful steward in society and in nature, while having fun!  The event hopes to “deepen your connections with Indigenous perspectives, strengthen your health and well-being with outdoor learning, and increase your knowledge on climate change and the environment.” join in and spread awareness for Take Me Outside Day! 

For Teachers

What a better way to spend the day outside than at one of BC Parks locations! This is not take me outside to the ‘concrete jungle’, but rather going to ‘the great outdoors’! Visit our Teachers webpage to find fieldtrip resources, such as grade specific fieldtrip guides and more! 

All grades: Let’s go to BC Parks
K-3: Let’s go to the pond
4-6: Let’s go to the grassland
5-7: Let’s go to the ocean
7-9: Let’s go to the forest 

We are partnered with GO Grants – HCTF Education which has opportunities to cover transportation, project materials, and or program fees to help teachers take their students outdoors to learn about and experience some of BC’s biodiversity. They also offer multiple workshops  aimed to get kids involved and engaged with place-based learning that is connected to curriculum objectives! If you are unable to make it to us, we will try to make it to you with an Environmental Exchange Box. Outdoor education is a great way to get younger generations interested in conservation, biodiversity, minimizing our ecological footprint, and being safe outdoors! 

Interested in learning more about BC Parks education resources? Join our session October 22, 2021 at the Classrooms to Communities conference. 


For Kids and Parents! 

Want to know more about your surroundings and what the name is of that cool bug or flower

 you see? Well, there is an app just for that called iNaturalist!  It allows users to take photos and document what is organisms are around them, the app then generates suggestions on what the species is, and other community members can comment and help with identification. Be a community observer with iNaturalist to help BC parks identify and record what is in our areas! Remember, everything has a purpose and role in nature, so please leave all natural and cultural objects undisturbed. Instead, take a photo to remember that cool thing you saw and build up your iNaturalist observations. Jerry’s Nature Quest is also a great way for us to engage with the natural environment and get comfortable with our surrounding’s! Explore the park and complete the Scavenger Hunt Bingo, the Search for Adventure Word Search, or the Crossword Puzzle. 


Tips for everyone – Nice People Make Nature Nicer! 

Interacting with nature in a safe, respectful manner allows other visitors and future generations to receive the benefits and opportunities we cherish. Acting responsibly in parks can be done by:  

  • Packing out what you pack in. All visitors and wildlife enjoy a litter free environment!  
  • Staying on the trails to keep you and the natural environment safe. We don’t want anyone getting lost! Staying on the trail will minimize the impact of erosion on plant and animal habitats. 
  • Being mindful of sharing the trail with other guests and potential wildlife, keep a safe distance.   
  • Coming prepared, expect the unexpected. For preparedness and knowing what to bring on any park adventure, click here.   

To find out more about Responsible Recreation, visit https://bcparks.ca/visiting/responsible-recreation/   



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