Any individual, organization or government can make a submission on proposed actions for 2022-25 outlined in the strategy, as well as the draft guiding principles by emailing Submissions received  from organizations and governments will be posted here on this site provided they meet the below criteria. All submissions will be used to finalize actions and inform the next phase of the strategy, which is expected to be released in 2022.

Questions to consider in your submissions:

  • Do the proposed actions address your community’s or organization’s needs for climate preparedness and adaptation?
  • Are there other priority actions you would like to see included?
  • What would successful implementation of the actions look like? (Please feel free to be specific to one or more actions, or speak in more general terms)
  • Do you have any other comments on the draft strategy?
  • The draft guiding principles are intended to help ensure we’re taking into consideration key areas of focus, existing social conditions and challenges. Do you have any comments on the guiding principles?

The comment period will be open until August 12, 2021 at 4 pm (PDT). 

Submission criteria

  1. Does not contain profanity or is defamatory, threatening, hateful, personally disparaging, harassing, indecent, vulgar, obscene, illegal, immoral or sexually explicit (partially masking profanity or other unacceptable language by substituting asterisks or other symbols into a word is not acceptable if the word remains recognizable);
  2. Does not appear to, or does actually, infringe the copyright, trade-mark, right of privacy, right of publicity or any other intellectual property or other proprietary right of any third party;
  3. Does not contain information about, or images (e.g., photographs, videos or illustrations) of, any person other than the person submitting the content;
  4. Does not advertise any product, person or organization, or directs attention to another website for personal gain;
  5. Does not provide links to, or information about, other sites that contain unlawful, objectionable or inappropriate content;
  6. Does not make unproven or unsupported accusations against individuals, groups or organizations.

Submissions received from organizations and governments will be posted to this site. Please note that may require several weeks to complete the posting of all submissions.