Environmental Assessments

What was this engagement about?

The Environmental Assessment Office (or the EAO for short) is a neutral regulatory agency within the provincial government and conducts environmental assessment to ensure that any potential environmental, economic, social, cultural and health effects that may occur during the lifetime of a major project are thoroughly assessed. The EAO engages with scientific professionals, Indigenous groups, proponents, the public, local governments, and federal and provincial agencies to ensure that no adverse effects are missed. These engagements are where you come in.

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How will my contribution make a difference?

Your participation in the environmental assessment process has helped ensure that community values and public goals are considered in project planning and decision-making. Public comments also help ensure that all potential adverse effects of a project are captured and appropriately assessed.

Details of the Consultation:

Date: Last updated September 22, 2020

Status: Ongoing

Location: Province-wide

Category: Environmental Protection

Type: Online