Cellphone Billing – Results

Engagement Summary

The provincial government is taking action to improve cellphone contract and billing transparency. A public engagement was undertaken to identify ways to enhance cellphone contract and billing transparency.

A survey asked citizens to share their views and experiences using cellphone services. Topics included contracts and billing, business practices, value and cost, and consumer rights and responsibilities.

For more information, visit the Cellphone Billing Engage website.


Engagement Timeframe

May 29, 2019 to July 5, 2019


Input Received
  • 15,549 survey responses were received.

Key Findings:

  • British Columbians are frustrated, confused and generally unhappy with cellphone contract and billing issues.
  • Cost and value perceptions of cellphone services are very poor. Just 6% of respondents agreed their service costs were reasonable, while nearly 30% made comments calling for more affordability and choice.
  • Cellphone contracts and bills are not easy to understand. A majority of respondents reported issues with these documents, such as an unexpected charge.


Input leads to action:

The survey responses were compiled into the Cellphone Billing Transparency: What We Heard report which provides key findings and detailed analyses of the survey results.

Next steps for government are to analyze the survey results as it considers options to strengthen B.C.’s consumer protection laws. The survey results will also be used to encourage the federal government to deliver more affordable cellphone options.

If you have a question concerning the survey or engagement process, you may send it to: cellphonebilling@gov.bc.ca