The Climate Leadership Plan – Results

Engagement Summary

The feedback received during British Columbia’s climate action consultation assisted in the development of the Climate Leadership Plan.
Phase 1 of consultation focused on understanding the public’s ideas, values, and priorities for climate mitigation and adaptation through a discussion paper and survey.
Phase 2 saw a new Consultation Guide (including an accessible version) with the current status of government’s climate actions, a summary of public feedback from the first engagement, as well as a snapshot of the Climate Leadership Team’s recommendations. The public was invited to provide feedback, including submissions, on preferences for a new climate leadership plan.
Sector-specific consultation also took place as part of the public engagement.

    Phase 1: July 17 to August 17, 2015
    Phase 2: January 25 to April 8, 2016


Input Received:

Phase 1:

    • 14,119 visits to the website
    • 5,973 feedback forms completed
    • Over 500 written submissions

Phase 2:

    • 12,887 visits to the website
    • 7,917 emails received
    • 1,631 feedback forms received
    • Over 130 written submissions


Input leads to action:

Results of Public Consultation Phase 1

  • Most respondents see climate as serious issue
  • Respondents clearly identified “What We Value” as top priority for cutting emissions. 45% of respondents felt it is a priority for B.C. to – Consider the cost of climate change to society when making important decisions to meet both short – and – long – term climate goals.
  • Respondents also identified priorities for transportation in near term and community planning over long term.
  • Respondents saw Goal 2: “The Way We Travel” as an important priority for 2020 reduction target (27%).
  • Respondents saw Goal 1: “The Way We Live” as an important priority for 2050 reduction target (22%).
  • Goal 3: “The Way We Work” as a priority was split evenly over time (18%).

Read the results of Public Consultation Phase 1
Read the Climate Leadership Team’s Recommendations to Government

Results of Public Consultation Phase 2
On August 19, 2016 the Province unveiled the Climate Action Leadership Plan, which will lead to the creation of up to 66,000 jobs in British Columbia over the next ten years, and will reduce net annual greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25 million tonnes below current forecast by 2050. The plan’s initial 21 action items include making electric vehicles more affordable and buildings more energy efficient.
A summary of Phase 2 of the public engagement can be found here.