Get to know BC Parks through the stories and perspectives of our volunteers, partners, and staff. Learn about conservation projects and the challenges of climate change, be inspired by the tireless efforts of volunteers, discover tips on how to be a better park visitor, or learn what it takes to become a BC Parks ranger.

(cover photo: Boya Lake / Destination BC)

Afloat with the Shuswap TrailRider Adaptive Adventure Society

Posted on September 24, 2019
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Categories: Community Engagement | Volunteer

Tags: Accessibility | Family | Recreation | Volunteers |

For many British Columbians, getting out into nature is as simple as strolling around a local park, driving a short distance out of town for a day hike, or planning a weekend of camping with friends....

Carrying Capacity and BC Parks

Posted on September 19, 2019

Categories: Responsible Recreation

Tags: Recreation | Wildlife |

Did you know that over 14 % of land in B.C. is a park or protected area? That’s a lot of space! Approximately 14 million hectares of land are protected areas within BC Parks’ network, and...

A First Time Campout to Remember 

Posted on September 13, 2019

Categories: Community Engagement | Community Event

Tags: Accessibility | BC Parks | Camping | Community Event | Family |

Do you remember the first camping experience you ever had? The excitement and nervousness you felt falling asleep in a tent, wrapped up warm in your sleeping bag, with light from your lantern...

BC Parks Keeping Close Eye on Mountain Goats in Cathedral Park

Posted on September 4, 2019

Categories: BC Parks Licence Plate Program | Conservation

Tags: Conservation

These days sports reporting is full of stories about one GOAT or another, as in the “Greatest of All Time.” This is a story about actual goats. More than half of the world’s mountain goats...

Know Before You Go: The Toilet Edition

Posted on August 23, 2019

Categories: Responsible Recreation

Exploring a park can be a unique experience for every visitor, but there’s one facility common to any outdoor trip: the outhouse. You may think you’re familiar with these amenities, but there’s...


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