In November and December 2017, the Fair Wages Commission undertook a public engagement process that inlcuded in-person consultations in eight communities as well as asking citizens to email in their views or research beliefs.

The commissioners were particularly interested in hearing the experiences and recommendations of those who earn less than $15-an-hour and their representatives; employers who will be affected by the new minimum wages; and employers and workers who can speak to details of minimum wage rates for farm workers, liquor servers, resident caregivers, live-in home support workers, and live-in camp leaders.  (For these workers, the minimum wage rate differs from the general minimum wage.)  The commission also wanted to hear from specific sectors (such as the technology or tourism sectors); and trade unions. They also welcomed the views of economists and others who can give advice on the impact of minimum wage changes on economic activity.

Input gathered has been considered, along with academic briefs, research reviews, industry and stakeholder consultations, verbal presentations and interviews with experts and people from other jurisdictions.

Read the summary report detailing all of the comments and feedback submitted from stakeholders.