Submissions are now closed. A summary report detailing the comments and feedback submitted from stakeholders will be posted to this website.

The questions below were designed to help elicit feedback. Comments were also welcomed outside the questionnaire format.

  1. From what perspective are you approaching this living wage discussion? Are you commenting as an employer, a worker, an advocate or an expert?
  2. From your perspective as defined in the previous question, what are your views on the living wage?
  3. If you are currently a living wage employer:

a) What motivated your decision to pay a living wage?

b) How did your organization implement the living wage?

c) Are you a certified living wage employer?

d) What were the consequences for your organization and your workforce of becoming a living wage employer?

4. If you are currently employed by a living wage employer or have direct experience with earning a living wage, what are your views on the living wage? This could include thoughts on wage levels, or other factors that affect living wages such as hours of work or costs associated with work.

5. Are there any key employment/workplace benefits that could help address the discrepancy between the minimum wage and the living wage in British Columbia?

6. Are there any key government transfers or other programs that could be developed or revised that could help address the discrepancy between the minimum wage and the living wage in British Columbia

7. Do you have any additional input for the Fair Wages Commission to consider when developing our recommendations about the living wage?


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