The following is a compilation, roughly in order of priority, of the key issues and concerns Basin residents shared with the Treaty Review Team during the 2012-2013 community evening sessions and workshops, technical conference, Sounding Board meetings, website blog posts, emails and Canada Post mail, and private conversations. These perspectives do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire Columbia River Basin population.

Of the interests and concerns shared by Basin residents with the Treaty Review Team, some were related to operations under the Treaty while many of the issues could have solutions that do not involve the Treaty.  A more detailed list of Basin residents’ issues and concerns and how the Province has responded can be found in Appendix 5.

The issues raised can be generally organized under the following categories:

  1. Ecosystems  including salmon restoration
  2. Flood control and Libby Coordination Agreement/Koocanusa
  3. Power generation and the Canadian Entitlement
  4. Socioeconomic issues: community health, recreation, economic development, agriculture, transportation, distribution of benefits, climate change adaptation
  5. Governance

For a detailed description of each category, see the Public Consultation Report, pages 15 – 30.