As part of the Columbia River Treaty Review process, the Province is working with BC Hydro and others to conduct technical studies and other analyses. As they become available, various studies will be posted here.

Arrow Lakes Reservoir Mid-Elevation Scenarios

In response to Columbia Basin First Nations’ and communities’ suggestions for an ecosystem option for Columbia River Treaty operations in the Arrow Lakes Reservoir, the Ministry of Energy and Mines commissioned a study to explore the potential benefits and impacts of a more stable Arrow Lake Reservoir scenario. Click the link below to read the draft report.

In September 2016, the Province held a public meeting in Fauquier BC to share study results. Click here to see the full presentation and summary of meeting notes.

This draft report is a very preliminary overview that suggests potential trends, identifies uncertainties, and raises a number of questions to explore further.

Should there be negotiations to improve the Treaty, B.C. will work closely with Canada to ensure our common interests are represented and benefits to both British Columbians and Canadians are maintained or improved.

Arrow Lakes Reservoir Mid-Elevation Scenarios – DRAFT REPORT

Past Studies

Columbia River Treaty Review Technical Studies Report – Prepared by BC Hydro Power Authority