January 21, 2021: BC Hydro 2021 Integrated Resource Plan Webinar

The Columbia Basin Regional Advisory Committee met virtually on January 21, 2021 for a presentation on BC Hydro’s 2021 Integrated Resource Plan.

BC Hydro is carefully studying the Province’s electricity outlook for the next 20 years and coming up with various options to meet their customers’ changing needs.

They are focusing on ways to meet climate action goals by continuing to provide clean, renewable electricity. They’re keeping an eye on advancements in battery storage, solar power, and other technology that could fit into BC Hydro’s future power system. They are also exploring ways to manage electricity use during higher-demand times with time-of-use rates, electricity conservation, and home automation tools.

During this session, Bill Clendinning, Director, Energy Planning and Analytics at BC Hydro, shared details of the 2021 Integrated Resource Plan process and sought feedback from CBRAC members.



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