The following is the process for written feedback and submissions that occurred during the development of the Water Sustainability Act.

Stage 1

Submissions (Dec. 2009 – May 2010) were in response to a Discussion Paper and were summarized in the Report on Engagement, released in September 2010.

Government received approximately 900 written submissions from individuals, First Nations and stakeholder groups. In addition, over 500 par­ticipants attended the Water Act Modernization workshops. Formal submissions were made by sector groups including agriculture, energy, forestry, local government, mining, water industry, professional, community and environmental organizations. Overall, there was broad support for the eight principles and goals described in the discussion paper. British Columbians also urged government to:

  • Develop clear standards, processes, responsibilities and expectations for managing BC’s water.
  • Regulate groundwater extraction and use.
  • Improve current water governance arrangements.
  • Proactively protect drinking water, food production, clean energy and ecological health.
  • Recognize land – water connection.
  • Balance ecological protection with economic priorities.
  • Respect First Nations’ interests.
  • Provide more time and additional opportunities to comment.


Stage 2

Submissions (Dec. 2010 to March 2011) were in response to the Policy Proposal on British Columbia’s new Water Sustainability Act, released in December 2010.

Stage 3

Submissions (Oct. to Nov. 2013) were in response to the Legislative Proposal released on October 18, 2013.

Below please find all of the submissions received throughout the process:

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