Since the project of updating provincial water law began in 2009, government has heard from First Nations, industry and environmental groups, local governments, and individuals with an interest in our water resource. British Columbians sent in thousands of submissions with ideas covering everything from how to protect groundwater, how to ensure our streams and lakes stay healthy, to considering water when we make land use decisions. These ideas helped to inform the policies in the new Water Sustainability Act (WSA) and the new regulations that came into force on February 29, 2016.
Modernization Process

2009-2010: Policy Scoping
2010-2013: Policy Development
2013-2014: Development of Bill 18 and Royal Assent
2014-2015: Water Pricing Review
2015-2016: Updating and Replacing Water Act Regulations
2016-Ongoing: Outstanding Regulations and Policies


Written Submissions

2009 – 2013 Water Sustainability Act Development
2014 – 2015 Water Pricing Review
2015 – 2016 Updating & Replacing Regulations


Archived Blog & Online Discussion