Water Pricing Review

Most water users pay a licence application fee and annual water rentals to government. These fees and rentals cover the cost to government of delivering the provincial water management program. As the Water Sustainability Act (WSA) extends regulation to groundwater as well as stream water, it will increase the cost of water management.
In March 2014 government initiated a water pricing review. The review was guided by seven water pricing principles and informed by extensive public comment on government’s Pricing B.C.’s Water discussion paper.
Pricing B.C.’s Water (PDF – 705 KB) – March 2014
During the month-long public input period, government received over 130 comments and submissions from citizens, businesses and industry groups, environmental organizations, local government, agriculture and academia. Government also consulted key user groups.
Government released new fees and rentals in February 2015, to take effect in 2016 when the WSA came into force. The Province acknowledges the continued public concern that these new water rates are not high enough and has committed to further review of the rates and fees it charges for water as the implementation of the WSA continues.