In response to four policy intention papers released in July 2015, government received written comments from 30 organizations, and 24 individuals (August – September). Through a concurrent process with First Nations, government received 51 additional written submissions from individuals, Aboriginal organizations, and bands about the Water Sustainability Act, the intention papers, and Aboriginal Rights and Title.
Submissions addressed a wide range of topics including:

  • Value and importance of water to First Nations and their communities
  • Aboriginal interests, rights and title and FITFIR
  • Involvement of First Nations in water management
  • Water reservations for First Nations
  • Notification requirements related to licensing decisions
  • Consideration of water sustainability in licensing decisions
  • Availability and quality of data and information
  • Water pricing, revenue sharing, capacity funding and shared decision-making
  • Connection between fines and orders to the extent of environmental damage
  • Determination of hydraulic connectivity between streams and aquifers
  • Regulatory consistency and agency coordination
  • Length of the water licence review period
  • Requirements for well registration, monitoring and reporting; and decommissioning
  • Managing artesian wells
  • Professional qualifications
  • Groundwater well setbacks and construction standards
  • Requirements related to monitoring risk downstream of a dam

The Living Water Smart Team summarized input related to proposed new regulations and provided it to regulation drafting teams for further consideration by government.
Below please find all of the submissions received throughout the process:
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