Blog Post #13 – Comment Period on Pricing BC’s Water Now Complete

Thank you for your comments on government’s Pricing BC’s Water discussion paper. The blog is now closed for further comment.

We appreciate you taking the time to tell us what’s important to you when it comes to water pricing. Over the coming month we’ll be reviewing the over 130 blog comments and email submissions that came in during the last four weeks.  Your feedback on the principles will help us as we develop fee and rental options that will be presented to Government for decision later this year.

A new fee and rental schedule will eventually be included in an updated Water Regulation – one of the key regulations that will need to be revised  should the proposed Water Sustainability Act (Bill 18) be passed.  Follow the progress of Bill 18 which is now being debated in the Legislative Assembly. You can read a transcript of the first day of Committee debate  (April 3) or watch the corresponding video (starts at 48 min).