Blog Post #26 – Deadline Extension

Government has extended the deadline, under section 56 of  the Water Sustainability Regulation, from December 31, 2018 to December 31, 2019 for the allowance of water use for mineral exploration and small scale placer activities without an authorization.

The extension provides necessary time for government to respond to the comments raised by First Nations and the public on Water Use in Mineral Exploration and Small Scale Placer Mining under British Columbia’s Water Sustainability Act released October 9, 2018. During the upcoming year, we will respond to the comments raised by First Nations and other British Columbians on the proposal and use the feedback to inform a more permanent allowance under regulation. Completion of a new regulation is planned for fall 2019.

An online information update provides a summary of the extension, and the existing regulatory requirements for water use by mineral exploration and placer mining activities.

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