Blog Post #31 – Update on Proposed Livestock Watering Policy Development

Following the January 2018 release of the Livestock Watering under the Water Sustainability Act (WSA) Intentions Paper, the Province received feedback from Indigenous Governments, Indigenous Organizations, stakeholders, members of the public, environmental non-government organizations and local governments. The September 2019 What We Heard on Livestock Watering document summarized the feedback received. Since then, the Province has continued its work on developing a livestock watering policy under the WSA that better responds to the feedback received and achieves a reasonable balance between the various interests.

An Update on Proposed Livestock Watering Policy is now available. Engagement and consultation with organizations that provided feedback on the intentions paper will continue throughout summer and fall 2020. Final policy direction is anticipated in spring 2021.

We invite you to share your thoughts about this livestock watering policy update via email to by August 15, 2020.